Las Vegas, NV. (WPHL) –In another outcome of events, the Western Professional Hockey League regretfully severs ties with the Billings Blizzard operation in Billings, Montana. Previously, the Billings Blizzard sought membership with the Western Professional Hockey League and was ready to move forward with a schedule to hit the ice this upcoming 2022-23 season. After announcing its arrival to Billings via press conference in November, the Blizzard’s ownership group, Pick Six Ent., failed to comply with contractual obligations that would affiliate them with the Western Professional Hockey League.

To the fans that supported the Blizzard from the start before a name was even picked out, thank you for the continued interest and support of the team and the league. The Western Professional Hockey League values cities and towns that hold burning passions for their sports teams, particularly in the sport of ice hockey. It is the desire of the WPHL to one day return to Billings and engage in the resuscitation of professional hockey in the great state of Montana.