The Las Vegas Millionaires faced off against The Reno Ice raiders this past weekend December 16th and 17th. The Millionaires started game 1 off going down by 2 goals early on in the 1st period. The Millionaires managed to come out strong for the 2nd and 3rd period and put up a total of 8 goals and only letting in one more goal to the Reno Ice raiders bringing the score of game 1 to 8-3. Bobby Watson (Pictured Above) and Sam Mancini were instrumental in the comeback and win over the Reno Ice Raiders. But that was all short lived as the Reno Ice raiders would take game 2 of the weekend totaling 6 goals to The Millionaires 2 goals. The Millionaires face The Ice Raiders for two more games April 7th and 8th at home in Las Vegas where they plan to take Reno for the Battle of Nevada. Stay tuned for more info and follow The Western Professional Hockey League and The Las Vegas Millionaires on Facebook and Instagram for Live updates!